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  核心提示: 童年阴影造成的心理创伤难以愈合。即使忙碌的工作、短暂的快乐让你一时遗忘,它也会在某个夜晚悄无声息钻进你的梦里 没有比“成为私生子”更残酷的童年:父亲...


没有比“成为私生子”更残酷的童年:父亲对你避之不及;周围的熊孩子与势利眼明面上、暗地里叫你“野孩子”;母亲一个劲儿宽慰你,私下却一直唉声叹气;尚未理解原因的你疯狂地与每个人争辩,但心里总打着鼓,怀疑自己存在的意义。The psychological trauma caused by the shadow of childhood is difficult to heal. Even if a busy job and a short happiness make you forget for a moment, it will sneak into your dream some night.
No children is more cruel than private childhood: his father to you "to be shunned; bear children around the eyes and snobbery of surface, secretly call you a" wild child "; a mother had to comfort you, but has not yet understand private reasons heave great sighs; you frantically argue with everyone, but in the heart the total drum, doubt the meaning of their own existence.

祖鲁王国的缔造者,被称为“非洲拿破仑”的恰卡,就拥有这样的童年经历。The founder of the Zulu Kingdom, known as the "African Napoleon" Shaka, have the experience of childhood.


恰卡其实是皇子。1786年,时任恩古尼部落酋长的辛赞格科纳·贾古爱上了兰格尼部落已故酋长的女儿兰迪,不久后兰迪有了身孕。传统的部落风俗容不下未婚先孕,兰格尼长老得知后怒不可遏,要求辛赞立刻娶兰迪为妻。谁知堂堂的部落酋长辛赞是名渣男,迫于舆论压力,他改口说不过是兰迪感染了寄生虫,肚子才日渐大了起来。The prince is in fact. In 1786, as the Nguni tribal chiefs Sinzangkona Jagua fell in love with the Langeni tribe late chief's daughter Randy, shortly after Randy was pregnant. The traditional tribal customs hold unmarried, Langeni elders after that furious, Xin Chan immediately requirements to marry Randy. Who knows a tribal chief Sinzan is a slag male, under the pressure of public opinion, but he said Randy is infected with the parasite, the stomach is up.

事实胜于雄辩。第二年,兰迪的孩子出生了,百口莫辩的辛赞只得取了兰迪作为三房。这件事让辛赞的名望跌倒了谷底,记恨在心的他给孩子取名恰卡(Shaka),古语意味寄生虫。就像宫廷戏里演得那样,被冷落的皇室总会被排挤谩骂,不幸也持续敲着恰卡的门。Facts are better than eloquence. Second years, Randy's child was born, had to take the Xin beyond dispute like Randy as the room three. This thing let Xin praise fame fall to the bottom, keep the pain in the heart of his children named Shaka (Shaka), the mean parasite. As the court drama acted as the neglected royal family will always be crowding out abuse, unfortunately also continued knocking at the door.

6岁时,恰卡不慎在放牧时丢了一只羊。本就厌烦他的生父辛赞以此为由将母子二人放逐。走路无路的母亲兰迪带着年幼的恰卡颠沛流离,最终投奔远方的姆特瓦部族首领丁吉斯瓦约,他的热情招待让两人如沐春风。但此时的恰卡的却感到愤怒且疑惑。At the age of 6, when grazing chapka accidentally lost a sheep. Ben is tired of his father, Zan Zan, in order to exile the two mother and son. There is no way to walk the mother Randy with a young chapka displaced, eventually to distant mtewa tribal chief dingiswayo, his hospitality let two people feel. But at this time it is angry and confused by the.


根据后人的评价,“宽厚、仁慈”之类的字眼和评价恰卡毫不沾边,“军事能力卓越”“铁腕”才是他开创祖鲁王朝的关键词。而谈起恰卡,说的最多的还是“暴君”。What did the mother and I do wrong? Why does the person who let me be born want to exile me, and the unrelated spectators can disparage and insult us at any time?
According to the word of "descendants of evaluation, and evaluation the generous and kind" has nothing to do, "military capability excellence" "iron fist" is his creation of Zulu Dynasty keywords. While talking about the most is that, "the tyrant".

生活的苦难,母亲的教诲让恰卡的见识与心理远超同龄人,他的领袖气质开始逐渐显露出来。16岁他是牧童们的头目,成了姆特瓦部族有名的孩子王。21岁恰卡应征入选传统区域军事骨干培训体系“伊布托”,他的一生就此改变。彼时,部落间发生冲突,采用相互投掷长矛进行作战,恰卡认为这种方式简直是过家家——相隔50码,投出长矛的命中率本就极低,两方交战时,还能把对方扔来的长矛扔回去。如果一方想投降,留下武器即可,获胜者也不会穷追猛打。The suffering of life, mother let the psychological insight and far more than peers, his leadership began to emerge. At the age of 16, he was the head of the shepherds, and became a famous child king of the Mtwa tribe. At the age of 21 selected traditional regional military backbone for the training system of "Yibutuo", his life changed. At the time, the conflict between tribes, fighting with each other the spear throwers, think this is simply a way to house 50 yards apart, throwing spears the hit rate is very low, the two party war, but also to throw back to each other throwing spear. If one would like to surrender, the winner will not leave the weapons can be pushy.

这种彬彬有礼的运动是战争?严格的恰卡觉得不行。Is this kind of courteous movement a war? The strict don't think so.



部落冲突离不开近身肉搏!恰卡决定将长矛改造成便携短矛,并说服长官,在布特勒齐的攻坚战中进行试用。松散的投掷队伍在训练有素的短柄宽刃矛面前溃不成军。恰卡的英勇与智慧深受首领丁吉斯瓦约赏识。他赐予恰卡大量的牲畜,金钱,并给了他100人,提拔他为指挥官。这100人在恰卡的铁腕训练下成为能以一敌三的尖兵。他专门演练了名为“水牛”的阵法——将士兵分成牛角、牛头两部分,两个角的侧翼兵力也对敌方进行夹击,牛头中的主力军队再将敌人一举歼灭在包围圈中。(a weapon change map source visual China)
Tribal conflict is inseparable from close hand to hand! The decision will be transformed into a portable short spear, and persuaded the chief executive, in the trial of Buttala Qi battle. Loose throwing team in front short handle wide bladed spear utterly routed trained with regularity. The brave and wisdom by the chief dingiswayo appreciated the. He gave a lot of money, the cattle, and gave him 100, promoted him to commander. These 100 people become a pioneer in the three enemy strongman training. He specializes in exercise called "buffalo" will be divided into two parts: matrix soldier horn, tau, flanking forces of the two corners of the enemy attack, the main army and tau annihilate the enemy in the encirclement.



不足100平方公里的松散部落,是恰卡统一非洲南部的出发点。A division at the farfamed dingiswayo. In 1816 the father died, he will promise and then deny in succession Zulu chief left the position of the eighth son, was the decision to kill back to the Zulu throne.
Zulu is a branch of Africa's largest ethnic Bantu, Zulu word also by Bantu languages evolved, it also explains why the Zulu soldiers known as the "Bantu warrior". In the Jiebing throne before the Zulu territory is Nguni branch occupied, then the Zulu is but a small community of less than 2000 people. However, in the leadership, they completed a number of win a battle. The first easily from the half brother took the throne, becoming the Zulu tribe. The first thing he had to be a chief was to kill all the insults who had belittled his mother.
Loose Tribal 100 square kilometers, is the starting point of the unification of southern africa.



累累白骨为祖鲁王国的建成奠基,在其急剧扩张的3到5年,一共有近200万敌方部族丧生。为什么祖鲁能够从1500人的部落迅速成长为占地200万平方公里的南非王国?祖鲁文明独特的军事力量扮演了重要角色。The father of blood tribe, and he will be targeting the mother will be shut out of the Langeni family. In addition to those who have been good to mother and son, the rest will also accept death. "Killing" is an important characterization of Shaka established Zulu Kingdom, a butler Qi tribe, he will also surrender all the soldiers killed. May be affected by the childhood experience, the reluctance to procreate. When a woman is found to be pregnant, he will put his secret to death after a woman is found to have a relationship with or receiving or snatching a woman.
In 1827, the mother died. Mourning, mourning the nation's mourning, requires a year to stop planting crops and prohibit drinking milk (and milk is the staple food of the Zulu people). Pregnant women will be executed with their husbands, and those who are not sad will be killed. Even the cow will be massacred with the absurdity of "letting the calf feel the pain of losing her mother". The Zulu king in the blood which is stretched over mist and white terror, also indicates that the rule of coming to an end.
The white bones lay the foundation for the construction of the Zulu kingdom. In the 3 to 5 years of its rapid expansion, nearly 2 million of the enemy tribes were killed. Why can Zulu be able to grow rapidly from the tribe of 1500 to 2 million square kilometers of South Africa? The unique military force of Zulu civilization has played an important role.



祖鲁军队擅长中近程战斗,他们手持短柄宽刃矛与牛皮盾,依“水牛阵法”作战。恰卡对士兵的要求极其苛刻。在发现祖鲁人的牛皮凉鞋不利于机动作战后,他便下令不管是在碎石密布的下路、荆棘丛生的雨林、还是温差极大的沙漠,士兵都不准穿鞋;他还常进行极限训练,带着武器装备一天要跋涉70公里,途中的还得在丛林中寻找能充饥的食物。The establishment of the military system in the fight against the British colonialists is also played an important role
The Zulu army is good at short-range combat, they were armed with short spears and shields leather handle wide edge, according to the "buffalo method" operation. The soldiers of the extremely demanding. Found in the Zulu leather sandals to maneuver, he ordered whether in the clouds under the gravel road, thorny forest, or a great temperature difference between the desert, soldiers are not allowed to wear shoes; he also often limit training with weapons and equipment to travel 70 kilometers a day, on the way to seek to eat the food in the jungle.




除了母亲,也许只有带兵征战、持续杀戮是恰卡获取快乐的源泉。这位孩提时代就被唾弃的私生子,或许想用撒向天空的血、用“暴君”的名号证明自己来过这个世界。He asked the soldiers to absolute loyalty to their own, fighting to wipe out the enemy, against the military will be executed. Today's Zulu tribes still retain the "spear washing" tradition, the male soldiers are not allowed to marry, and the force is disbanded.
These are the first to meet the conditions of the hell, so he quickly trained a team of 500 elite troops, as the reserve force of each battle, to complete the final blow in the situation when anxious.
He is paranoid and extreme. The identity of an illegitimate child, bloody power fact has plagued chapka, also let him under the rule of the people fear. In the year after the death of her mother (1828), the same is the half brother of Ding just killed power, over the 11 year reign of Zulu dawn of civilization,. The same as the role of "civilization 6", he and Qin Shihuang are similar, the criminal law is severe, by iron means to eliminate the branch of the community, the establishment of a unified new civilization.
In addition to the mother, perhaps only their campaign, continued killing is a source of happiness for the. The child, who was spat on his childhood, might want to use the blood of the sky and the name of the "tyrant" to prove that he had come to the world.



祖鲁的特色能力名为“部落礼赞”。祖鲁依靠军事立国,占领新城市后,武力单位将升级为军团或军队,拥有驻军的城市将忠诚度也将得到提高。In the vast ocean of civilization, the name is not too loud. But the "civilization" series of game player, "5" medieval civilization population, depending on the terrain, by spearmen to an enemy three famous as "barbarians". In the "6 civilization: the rise and fall of the" after another piece of information, the hand of the Zulu created by civilization also appears again in the parchment, hexagonal layout.
The characteristics of the Zulu warriors Bantu units, compared with the Lancer attacks, in accordance with the "buffalo method" they attack more damage. The characteristics of numerical attribute reflects the impi "hard": the cost is lower than that of other units at the same time, lower maintenance costs, gain experience faster.
The special ability called "Zulu tribes praise". When Zulu depended on the military establishment and occupied the new city, the force unit would be upgraded to an army or army, and the city with a garrison will increase loyalty.




对祖鲁民族来说,恰卡无疑是具有传奇色彩的民族英雄,而暴虐与性格缺陷也最终将其埋葬。历史记录着大人物的故事,但没人愿意重温旧他作为私生子的痛苦岁月,更多的人选择成为《文明》中恰卡,纵横捭阖,指点江山。As the leader of the Zulu Kingdom, the characteristics of "Yibutuo" ability earlier this ability can be unlocked earlier to unlock the Legion Legion and the army, and improve basic combat unit. In line with the "5 civilization", the choice must play more power advantage. The mass production of impi Legion and the army, the enemy occupied city to enhance its ability, can quickly expand boundaries,
"6": the rise and fall of civilization after another piece of information added to the "great era" setting. If not forgotten, in the early stage of relying on military force to gain the advantage into the "golden age" at the same time, you can't go on in the "surge" of the old road. In order to avoid the dark ages, people need peace, stability and well-being, pay attention to their weariness, maintain a sufficiently high livability is the priority among priorities.
The Zulu nation, is undoubtedly the legendary hero, and tyranny and character flaws will eventually bury it. History records the big story, but nobody is willing to revisit the old as his illegitimate child suffering years, more and more people choose to become "civilization" in the perpendicular and horizontal, pointing Jiangshan.

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